Racine Spotlight of the Month

Service Spotlight

First, we need to define what a keratin treatment is. This is a restorative hair treatment. Keratin treatments can reduce curl, eliminate frizz, reduce blow dry time and add shine by restoring the keratin found in your hair. Keratin will NOT break the bond of the hair shaft like chemical relaxers or perms.

Most keratin treatments, which are silicone based, require a bowl and brush application as well as an aftercare line that is free of sulfates. This is important because sulfates break down oils in the treatment and will cause the treatment to fade faster.

Lasio Keratin Treatments are WATER-based and applied with a spray bottle. This allows for a quick and easy application. An entire Lasio treatment can be done in two hours or less, including your consultation, depending on the density and length of hair. This water-based formula requires an aftercare line that is free of sodium chloride, also known as salt, to keep the treatment lasting much longer.

NEW Product Spotlight

Introducing a scented candle carefully developed to capture the essence of the Racine experience! 

Signature: Warm amber, sandalwood and patchouli intermingle with citrus peels, rose and a touch of jasmine...We are pleased to announce that 10% of each candle purchase will be donated to our founders Charity, Mondays at Racine! 


Rachel's Product of the Month Spotlight

Rachel’s product pick of the month is Davines' Authentic collection, “my beauty regimen addiction!”

Davines Authentic Formulas is a range of multipurpose products full of natural ingredients and formulated for use on hair, face and body. All products are extra gentle and carry out their function flawlessly by cleansing,moisturizing, protecting and nourishing all types of hair and skin, as well as providing a deep feeling of well-being.

All products in the Davines Authentic Formulas assortment are made with very high percentages of natural ingredients and biodegradable surfactants.Formulas have no sulphates, parabens, artificial colorings, silicones,mineral oils, PEGs or ethoxylates.