Cancer Care Program

In 2003 The Mondays at Racine, Cancer Care Program began by giving complimentary services and supportive therapies every third Monday of the month to people who are receiving treatment for cancer. At a time when no one was recognizing the emotional side of being diagnosed with cancer, Racine set out to attempt to offset it’s ravaging side effects and provide solace, integrity and support to it’s community members stricken with this disease.

It has grown to be a safe haven for emotional well being as well as an important supportive resource center within our community. It has also helped hundreds of women deal with their affliction in a gentle and proactive way.

In early 2010 there was New York Times blog written by an oncology nurse describing the first

Moment when a woman finds out she has cancer, surprisingly the first question that goes through her mind is ”am I going to lose my hair?”. That was the impetus for HBO to seek a setting that was dealing with just that. In late 2010 Racine was approached by HBO and after two years of filming “Monday’s at Racine”, the short documentary is ready to go and currently touring the International Film Festivals to much acclaim.

More important than that is the support that we are able to give back to our community and hopefully help our clients find their way back to beautiful… inside and out. If you or anyone you know would like more information, please call 631.224.5240


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