Frequently Asked Questions

1Laser Hair Removal
How many laser treatments will I need and how far apart are they scheduled? Most patients will need 6 – 8 effective treatments spaced 8 to 12 weeks apart. Am I a candidate for laser? Laser technology works on targeting dark pigment. It is less effective on patients with red, blond or grey body hair. Both men and women seek laser hair removal. Commonly done on the underarm, pubic area, legs, abdomen, lip, chin, back, face, chest and arms.
2Spray Tanning vs Buff and Bronze
What is a buff and bronze? A buff and bronze is a service given by a professional esthetician. Beginning with an invigorating body exfoliation, followed by a steam shower and a professional application of self tanner. How long does a buff and bronze last? Up to 5 days. Why is a buff and bronze better for you than a spray tan? Generally a buff and bronze provides even coverage and a body exfoliation to sloth away dead skin cells before the application. This ensures an evenly tanned silky finnish.
3Shellac Manicures
What is a shellac manicure? The original and only power polish service.
4When can I shower after a spray tan?
8-12 hours.