Rosemary E. Berger

Rosemary E. Berger LPN, ME
Spa Director, Racine Inc.
Vice President/Program Director
Mondays at Racine ,Inc
Research and Development
Life On Mars Beauty

Rosemary Berger is a practicing Licensed Practical Nurse, and Medical Esthetician, Along with her nursing experience totaling 25 years, she has been successfully treating clients for over 22 years. She is currently the Master Medical Esthetician and Spa Director at Racine Inc. Islip New York, where she loves cultivating new relationships and hold dear the old ones. She says”Guiding a clients health skin and beauty thru some of the most important days of their lives good and bad means so much to me and then to see their children grow up and to be able to guide them as well tops the cake”.

Rosemary Berger is also the Vice President and Program Director of Mondays at Racine,Cancer care Foundation. Giving and instructing free Integrative services to women and men currently in treatments for cancer. This progressive movement started over 13 years ago has become a widespread success.

Recently she developed her own skin care line, Life On Mars Beauty. She feels bringing Organic anti-inflammatory affordable skin care to her clients with her experience she had with the most sensitive skins was the next step to bringing her clients closer to healthy living.

She says “One of my favorite parts of what I do is reaching out my hands and touching someone. Because simply thru the power of touch and care do we create a connection between two human beings that can significantly positively change the future of the both of us”.