Summer Time Hair and Skin Care at RACINE

Summer Time Hair and Skin Care at RACINE



The Chinotto drink has for many years been a summer favorite in Italy. Known for its bitter orange flavor, the myrtle-leaved orange tree was brought from China to the Ligurian coast of Italy by a sailor back in the 16th Century where the coastal soil enabled the plant to flourish and become prosperous. It’s recognizable flavor stems from the citrus myrtifolia ingredient, which funny enough works as key active ingredient in our new and re-aligned SU sun care line.

Like Chinotto, SU is formulated with Citrus Myrtifolia, which is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, pro vitamin B5 to give deep hydration for your hair and skin, and a mixture of mild surfactants for optimal cleansing purposes. The UV filters are designed to protect colored hair from sunrays, leaving the hair deeply moisturized, nourished and silky soft.


As part of the new Essential Haircare line, SU follows the same principles of protecting our planet’s biodiversity through the use of a specific active ingredient from Mr. Parodi’s farm, Finale Ligure, in Savona, Italy. For Davines biodiversity is what boosts the ecosystem’s productivity because each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play in the bigger picture. The packaging is carbon neutral with a high percentage of biodegradability all ensuring that the strong connection between plate, planet, people and culture is kept.

With the beginning of longer days and hazy nights, endless sunburns and weekend getaways, what better way to kick of the season than knowing our realigned SU line will protect you before, during and after sun exposure? We’re sure these products will become your summer love in no time!

Learn more about the new SU products!


Multi-benefit leave-in product with a creamy milk texture. Paraben and sulfate free. Great for all hair types.

SU/Hair & Body Wash:

Delicate, restorative and moisturizing shampoo/shower gel. Offers great protection of hair, while helping to prolong the life of your tan.

SU/After Sun Replenishing Mask:

Complete anti-aging treatment for hair damaged by the sun, chloride and seawater. Restores softness, moisture and shine even to severely dry and damaged hair.

SU/ Tan Maximizer

Intensifies and accelerates in a totally natural way the natural pigmentation process of the skin: for a stunning sun tan!

SU/After Sun 

After-sun cream gel specially formulated to hydrate and restore moisture to the skin. It contrasts skin reddening and burning after sun exposure with a targeted soothing and cooling action.